Buying Goodness

I think the best things are outdoors. This is why my daily walk is not taken inside a mall or a gym. Still, inside or out, that which we love should never be destroyed by man’s quest for money.

Today’s tip is an ingenious resource in the battle against corporate greed. It’s called the Benefit Corporation. The more serious sister to B Lab’s B Corps certification, a Benefit Corporation is a legal business structure, just like a Limited Liability Company (LLC). The legislation is not on the books in all states, but hopefully it will be soon.

Benefit Corporation legislative status
Benefit Corporation legislative status

What does this have to do with the destruction of the things we love? Benefit Corporations have conscientiousness built into their DNA. Some are structured to help people; some are structured to help animals; and some are structured to help the planet. The do-good goals in their bylaws are as important as the make-money ones.

The next time you shop for something and you find yourself wondering if the natural, safe, friendly, and green claims on the label are true, check to see if the company is a Benefit Corporation. If it is, you’ll know for sure what kind of business your purchase will support.

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