Wind Song

When I created this project, I considered making an exception for walking on windy days. I am quite adept at avoiding even a stiff breeze — hiding behind walls, around corners, in deep ravines — and thus, I wondered if a goal so far outside my comfort zone would be a good idea.

But, since my fundamental task is to appreciate nature in all its forms, no such concessions were made.

Today, the eerie howls had subsided a little since dawn, but it turned out that the sound of the wind was what I became the most conscious of during my late-morning walk. This was a symphonic day.

With whinnies, whistles, groans, and creaks, tree trunks robustly swayed.

Bare treetops
Bare treetops

Crisp bustling turned to brittle scratching as a single, curled leaf escaped the roadside pile and danced across the macadam. A garden chime rung out a high-note melody. The drummers’ crescendo rolled from the distance, building until it reached the space outside my ears; a paper property sign flapped to add the missing applause to the crowd’s roar.

Still, I longed to cower inside. The Canada Geese seemed to agree; their calls from the stream below seemingly stressed and constant. And by the time I got home, I was tired. Regardless, I had witnessed the performance and I am glad.

This is why I made such a goal: to reach beyond my comfortable routine and experience vibrant, uncomfortable, musical life, every day.

What uncomfortable goals would you like to achieve this year?

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