Dippin Dots® Snow

It snowed briefly during the early morning hours today, when it was still very cold outside. From a distance, the thin bed of white left behind looked like any other dusting. Close up, though, I realized these were not flakes.

This morning's snow did not consist of flakes...
This morning’s snow did not consist of flakes…

I call this Dippin’ Dots snow. But in full disclosure, I’ve never actually eaten a single spoonful of Dippin’ Dots ice cream, so I don’t know exactly what that looks like. It also reminds me of Styrofoam balls … without the static.

This morning's snow fell in pellet form.
This morning’s snow fell in pellet form.

After a little post-walk research, I found that snow pellets are really called graupel. Another nickname, Tapioca snow, has made it into the dictionary, unlike my trademarked one. The shape and condition of what lands on earth is determined by temperature and moisture levels during its journey downward. And when the “snow” came down this morning, it didn’t float to the ground; it fell more like rain. Meanwhile, it cleared off the car windshield and driveway as easy as, well, graupel.

Have you ever seen this kind of “snow?”

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