Overcoming kindness

Yesterday I learned of an infuriating injustice that has fallen on yet another friend. Why does it always happen to the nicest people?

A look into the natural world reveals that kindness has a limited role. Aside from existence within a tribe, flock, or immediate territory, every being must defend itself in an intense battle for survival. Outside, what would otherwise be perceived as injustice is really just evident truth that only the strongest, most skillful and most determined win.

An aggressive vine winds around and chokes a tree trunk.
An aggressive vine winds around and chokes a tree trunk.

I may chose kindness as a general way, but I must not let it threaten my ability to live.

How do you stay strong in the face of injustice?


  1. thought about this one all morning , I too believe the strong survive and come out on top . That u have to have the attitude that u and yours are the most important persons , and if you work hard and be fair that you will come out on top maybe not today , but in the long run , I try everyday to forgive the injustice’s in my life and tell myself that even though it might seem they have won , they haven’t . Everyone pays for wrong doing , we just may never witness it .

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