Event: Environmental Gathering

I am not a scientist, the manager of a non-profit, or an employee in any environmental field. I’m just a concerned citizen who wants to the know the truth. Yes, I am more involved than the average resident, but my point is, there are no prerequisites for taking part in the effort to conserve the environment.

In fact, most scientists, managers, and employees I talk to would prefer that more everyday people get involved.

Therefore, I encourage you to never hesitate in attending an event such as the Delaware Riverkeeper’s 2015 Watershed Congress Along the Schuylkill River.

Delaware Riverkeeper

If the registration materials say citizens or residents may attend, go for it. You may not know all the terminology being thrown around at the event, but you’ll certainly learn something, and there will be a crowd of people who would be willing to answer any questions you might have, without judgement, all in the interest of sharing information and building rapport.

If nothing else, you’ll get invigorated by being the presence of like-minded individuals.

(I serve on the planning committee for the above-mentioned event, so if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. If you don’t live near the Schuylkill, you can find similar events by contacting your local watershed or environmental organization.)

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