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Did you know that Daylight Saving Time really should have no “s” after saving? That’s because there is no clock in the world that can “save” time. (If I invented one, I’d be rich!) Adding a hyphen for clarity, grammarians will appreciate the subtle difference between “daylight-saving time” and the commonly used “daylight savings time.”

Regardless, when we move the time-kept hour forward this Sunday, we will be entering a period created for the majority: those who favor late evening over early morning.

Today's early morning light.
Today’s early morning light.

And no matter how you say it, if you live in a part of country that observes DST, this is the weekend it begins.

Want to learn more about the subject of time? Or simply want to know the “official” time? Consult the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Physical Measurement Laboratory at

And by the way, since it’s the weekend, have a good time.


  1. Ruth…as always, you so put things into perspective and make me smile. Also commenting on the photograph – it is beautiful. This also makes me happy. Keep up the GREAT work, Ruth. Hugs, j

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