Walking Side by Side

Today I walked with a friend. I didn’t take her picture. She doesn’t like to have her picture taken. But her footsteps, imprinted in the snow next to mine, proved she was there.

Companionship offers a different dynamic to an otherwise solitary task. Ever-present thoughts escaped my mind and bounced around in the open air. There, they reverberated off her thoughts, only to be reconsidered within my mind again. Sharing. Talking. Vindicating. Challenging. This is the benefit of conversation. Quiet contemplation may come in time, when someday we walk together again, without so much to say. Then, nature will regain center stage.


The outdoors welcomes you when you are alone as well as when in the company of friends. It need not be center stage at every moment. Sometimes it is simply just a beautiful, soothing, inspiring backdrop.

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