Dreary Restoration

Another gray, drab day left me thinking about the endless want of happiness and joy. I must admit that early February represents a time in the seasonal cycle when dormancy cripples my mood. But when the tree’s sugary nutrients dove underground months ago, it was expected that the sun’s energy would not stimulate their role in growth until the weather warmed and the buds unfolded again in spring. The rest in between is not meaningless. In human and tree, the deeper the sleep, the better prepared for a vigorous awakening. Temporarily, this quiet, colorless, restorative existence is only problematic in the expectation that every day need be exhilarating and bright. Otherwise, it is just as it should be.

Mid-winter snowfall
A mid-winter snowfall


  1. Won’t be long before the cold nights & warming days get the sap flowing & trees are tapped to begin making maple syrup!

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