Memories in place

Of all the place-based cultures, the American Indian’s comes to mind as one in tune with the energy, rhythm, and spirit of a particular place. Through stories, the wise help others decipher the feelings that come when standing in proximity to the past.

Although my walk today wasn’t anything close to a spiritual journey, I did get a taste of vibrations left intact, still connected to the physical space in which they were created. As I walked through a portion of Menlo Park in Perkasie, Pennsylvania, I stopped to read the historic recap that described the amusement rides that once existed there.

A kiosk describing the history of Menlo Park

Suddenly I understood the tone I felt, even on this dreary January day. It was as if could still hear the squeals of happy children, smell the fumes of oiled gears, and feel the rush of excited anticipation. Although all the rides but the carousel were dismantled and removed long ago, the energetic footsteps of summertime fun had stamped a permanent imprint on this place. Kudos to the history buffs who share their knowledge so that we too may come to better understand and connect to the places we walk.

The Menlo Park footbridge

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