Guard the water

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Sitting by the creek, I watch Nature’s endless supply unfold. The current never stops. More always comes to replace what has drifted downstream.

Stream in fall
After a dry September, the water level is low, but still it flows.

I am compelled to protect this ceaseless devotion, to ensure its continuation, guard its cleanliness, and uphold its value to life.

Thus, I rise to collect a few pieces of trash that have floated here presumably during a previous flood. A plastic garbage bag hangs wrapped around a tree. A metal can lays deposited on shore.

Lighter Fluid Can
A an empty can that once held toxic lighter fluid, found among the rocks.


Accidental liter; it’s an honor to be present to correct the mistake. Yet sometimes the misplaced objects scream to me, objectifying society’s misguided priorities, further reminding me of my power to set things right.

Political sign
A campaign sign, unwrapped from a tree, for a candidate who believed protection of financial wealth outranked all else.

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