Walking into the Voting Booth

I’m taking a detour away from the beautiful outdoors today to encourage you to step inside for a moment. You know that I celebrate and appreciate the gifts that Nature gives every day. You know that I try to use my gifts in return. And you know that I strive to live in a way that contributes to the betterment of the ecosystem that surrounds me. Well, today you should know that I plan to achieve all these tasks tomorrow–election day, November 5, 2019–by voting.

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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

It is not easy to be an issues-based voter. One must somehow acquire a basic idea of every candidate’s position on the issues that matter most. Furthermore, what a candidate says on the trail versus what he or she says in the office doesn’t always match. Politics is an ugly maze of truth, conviction, lies, and corruption. However, it is the politician who legislates our future. Thus, this is a maze we are all in, whether we participate in our navigation through it or not.

There is a spiritual philosophy to which I subscribe that says it is a being’s duty to use the gifts given to him, her, or it. Imagine the songbird withholding its voice or the rose hiding its fragrance. Two of our most precious human gifts are our ability to speak and to care. These are recognized in America’s constitution as the framework of our democracy. Imagine what is lost when we refrain from using these gifts.

My 2019 ballot is filled with 31 choices! I do not claim to know how to vote in every one. But I do know a few candidates. Some are friends; others are foes. While I won’t be able to make a choice for every decision, I will certainly banish at least one foe and/or support at least one friend. I will explore the past to see if I guess the future. And I will take an occasional leap of faith to trust the promises made. It is a scary thought, possibility voting for the wrong candidate. But it is far less frightening than the turmoil which would come if I never spoke or cared at all.

To learn what choices will be on your ballot, visit Vote411.org. Enter your address and then select the “Explore Now” button to see your ballot. Check out a candidate’s endorsements, previous voting record, alliances, and patterns. Ask a trusted and informed friend. Take the time to do a little homework tonight so you can vote tomorrow.

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