What the Squirrel Knows

The scene outside this morning portrays a calm existence. While I slept, the atmosphere echoed what happened, laying the results silently out in the open: the temperature dipped, and the dew point was reached. Further, because the sky has since made way for the sun’s rays to touch the wet chill, frost now sparkles in sunlight. It is what it is … no uncertainty … no regret … no anger … no despair.

Forest Frost
Image by Anna-f from Pixabay

Yes, there is activity, preparation for the future. Primarily, energy is being stored, evident by the squirrel scurrying around, collecting the fallen nuts. But he is not motivated by worry over a harsh winter. Instead, he reacts to the signals in a cycle built slowly over time.

A thousand triggers are stacked, one on top of the other, each a response to the light and warmth of the prevailing sun. The squirrel abides by an inner knowledge of a role granted specifically to him. And so, he instinctively gets to work, trusting that he should gather the tree’s nourishment, while the tree trusts the squirrel to plant next spring’s birth.

Inside, the humans are fretting. Fear rages in the uncertainty. Trust breaks in the worry. Energy is wasted for no gain.

Better that we follow the squirrel and get to the task of using our talents to do what we know in our hearts must be done. Otherwise, we will miss our part in creating and enjoying the bounty that otherwise exists without question.


  1. Perhaps if I could be busy like the squirrel doing what I am destined to do without mistrust I would be at peace with the world

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