What Do You Write When There’s Just Too Much?

It’s difficult to know which path to choose when you come to a fork in the road. It’s difficult to know what actions to take when there are so many problems to solve. It’s difficult to figure out what to write when there are so many thoughts to share.

Indecision. Even when I decide, something soon comes along to derail my focus. Maybe a bird starts singing from the direction of the OTHER path. Maybe a concerning email crosses my screen as I compose a message about the most pressing concern of the day. This is a side effect of a life of opportunity and abundance. Like fresh water in a flood, it’s a blessing that I curse.

Indecision leads to words not written and paths not walked. Its remedy sometimes requires quiet meditation to find the answer. Sometimes it demands activity, to free the mind with motion. Sometimes it needs sleep, the beautiful processing that comes with REMs.

Covid-19 and the routines it broke have made choosing even more difficult. And so, today’s remedy may require an entirely new path be blazed, the laying down of my single set of footsteps on untouched snow. It may mean letting go in order to go, with no particular goal in mind. There’s no one to lead; no one to follow. Just me and the moment.

snow shadow

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