The Origins of a Terrible Disease

The origins of Covid-19 remain the unsolved mystery of the decade. The continued calls for answers capture the news-reader’s attention, since not a day passes without some reminder of the grip of this pandemic. Meanwhile, even though the fears and losses from the recent past have been horrible, for a nature lover like me, Covid doesn’t compare to the constant, nagging, ruinous threat of all the risks that come from the possibility of contracting Lyme Disease.

Image by Barbara A Lane from Pixabay

I’ve tried before to write about the impact that Lyme’s existence has had on my physiologic longing to be forever in Nature’s scene. Even of the pieces published, my attempts fall short of that goal. Then, today, I read the words of another, someone who did what I could not.

Katharine Walter, a post doctorate fellow at Stanford University has laid out the facts to both inform and express. Her piece is rather long, but I encourage you to take the time to read it. Please consider her words, “Ticks put to lie that fantasy,” and let us finally admit that human love for an artificial existence is the worst disease of all.

Read her piece here: What We Get Wrong About Lyme Disease

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