When They Ask You What You Think

I haven’t been on social media for years, but I can still sense that its platforms have turned us into a very opinionated society. On one hand, this new community gives unearned credence to bull-headed ideas wrapped around over-inflated egos. Views pour out from those who are keen to advance only selfish, fear-dominated goals. On the other hand, it opens up thoughtful, well-informed debate. Suggestions come to light that would otherwise be shuttered without consideration.

When one walks alone through the solitude of the woods or meadow, the questions of what, how, and why seem to simplify through clarity. Engaging in such quiet reflection before speaking yields precision; the words are better able to accurately describe how the spirit feels.

Sadly, like the screaming blue jay, volume gets attention. When flamboyant bullies drown out all other voices, an observer might conclude that there are no kind chickadees left. Luckily, that is not true.

Our culture is continuing to reconcile the value of opinion. In doing so, it must decide when to care. It must choose when to speak and how to say it. Its members cannot keep hiding behind unknown authorship. And instead of reacting to the troll’s cue, we shall respond to the question, “What do you think?” with an answer that aligns with our truest desire.

We are still a civil society. Your opinion matters. So does mine. Our leaders NEED to know both, equally, in order to make level-headed decisions. If you live in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, NOW is the time. Your planners have asked; let YOUR opinion be heard.


The Montgomery County Planning Commission (MCPC) is seeking broad support in encouraging the public to participate in the development of Montgomery County’s new comprehensive plan, Montco 2050: A Comprehensive Plan for a Changing World. The plan will guide overall growth and future development and will help the county in making planning decisions with an outlook to the year 2050. Public opinion is an important element of this planning process, as the plan will ultimately reflect the needs of our residents. We are looking to reach as may people as possible for feedback on a variety of issues that affect everyone’s quality of life in the county, such as traffic and transit, parks and trails, housing, and economic growth.

Please take the time to complete the survey or contribute your thoughts about our community while they are most meaningful to those who will govern our future. Let the voices of those who walk quietly and thoughtfully be heard in equal measure to those who shout.

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