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Your quest to connect to nature, learn about the environment, breathe fresh air, and exercise your body can be fulfilled with one simple act: a daily walk. Yet, for some of us, walking isn’t possible. Others don’t want to walk alone. And many simply need inspiration to put their boots on and get out there.

Today’s Walk
is about all of that. Walk with me, in all kinds of weather, down a variety of paths, and through a world that offers an unlimited supply of prompts to get you thinking about your role in it.

Each post is short and falls into one of four categories: facts (nature-related knowledge), events (cyclical or unusual), observations (life-related metaphors) and tips (instruction, gear, advice).

Tune in regularly as part of your healthy routine. And be sure to share your thoughts or photos via the comments, too.

Comment terms: By sharing your thoughts and comments, you give voice to the importance of connecting to the out-of-doors on a regular basis. Shared photos will be stored on the Today’s Walk server, but remain the property of the commenter. Aside from being used to increase reader interest, each image will only appear in the comment provided or within a (periodic) collage of photos titled “reader supplied.” Any other use by me will require your permission. While all images are protected under the Today’s Walk/The Write Beat copyright, users may share them online with a reference to this blog. It is my intention to share the images of nature for inspiration, but not so that strangers can profit from them. Photographers are welcome to watermark their images before posting.

Comments will be moderated to eliminate spam, vulgarity, and slander.


    1. Thanks, Alyson! There are a number of ways you can keep in touch.

      1.) Subscribe to receive posts via email by entering your address (right-hand sidebar).
      2.) Receive via RSS feed.
      3.) Like and watch The Write Beat’s Facebook page, where I share all Today’s Walk posts
      4.) Make it a habit to tune in each morning. It is my goal to post each weekday before noon.

      Also, now that you have one “approved” comment, your future comments will be posted immediately, without any moderation delays. I hope you’ll share your own observations and snapshots from any visits you take to the great outdoors.

      Let’s get walking! 🙂

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