Walking the Edge

I have been forced out of the woods by deer-hunting season and must find a safer place to walk.

With a 200+ acre forest on one side and an 80+ acre forest on the other, the paved path called Swamp Creek Road will be my standard route for the next few weeks. Even narrow roads like this one carve a space wide enough to change conditions. It’s called edge habitat.

The edge effect can be considered valuable or detrimental to an ecosystem, depending on where it is and how you look at it. But there’s no arguing: walking the road is very different from walking the woods.

road walk
Walking the road


    1. Jodie: I wish this were not a test so that I could have such a cute picture be a part of the real thing. Question: when you uploaded this, did the thumbnail appear rotated (thumbnail being what was viewable on the post page)? The full size (viewable if you clicked the thumbnail) was the correct orientation?

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