Real or imagined, daily life is filled with limitations. Do not. Should not. Cannot.

Private property
Private property

But how many ARE real?

I cannot walk in the woods today, because there is a chance I could get shot by a deer hunter.

OR, I could wear orange, the neon light that says “Don’t shoot; I’m human.”

I cannot walk on the road in the early morning, because there is a chance a hurrying driver could hit me.

OR, since there is plenty of room, I could easily step to the side if I encountered someone. Besides, very few cars travel Swamp Creek Road, no matter what time it is.

Unlike the Juncos — the plump, gray winter birds that follow an instinct to migrate here when the weather turns cold — I am in a constant state of choice. Even the choice to go for a walk is rife with more. What should I wear? Which way should I go? How much time do I have? I must be careful not to invest too much thought into any one action, for then, my human reasoning will dissolve the freedom of choice into yet another cautionary limitation.

What about you?


  1. I think what is real is that usually the limitations are self-imposed and in reality we are fortunate to have lots of choices. Although I have to admit that there are instances when we have to say I cannot due to time constraints or previous commitments, sigh.

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