Quiet Sculptor

It was snowing during my walk today. The falling flakes captured my attention during the majority of the time I was out there. Wondering why, I came to a number of conclusions. Foremost was the silent way it added interest to the scene.

It is nearly impossible to hear the crystals as they fall and hit the surface. Meanwhile, everywhere they land without melting, they pile up to create a pattern. Snow adds motion, depth, and detailed contrast to an otherwise gray and dull scene. Not only is its silence beautiful to watch, its workmanship is enchanting.

Snowy Mushroom
Snowy Mushroom

What do you like about the snow?


  1. The way it melts on the tongue…The gentle touch on my face….the whiteness….the way it frames the trees and the houses…..the footprints it leaves behind in case i need to get back quick. I love the snow especially when the wind makes waves on the lawn reminding me of the beach in summertime.
    But ice scares me as I age….It’s too risky to fall unless the snow remains soft – then I can drop down and roll and laugh at myself. The most fun is coming back into the house with a fire glowing and let the snow drip off while Murphy rubs it off on the rug……

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