Warm Underneath

Today’s tip is for the women out there.

Maybe you still have a pair from the 1980s. Maybe you bought a brightly printed one recently and now have second thoughts about wearing them in public. Leggings. They’ve been back in style for a few years now, and they’re good for more than just fashion. They can keep you warm.

Fight back against the tendency to stay inside during the cold and dreary weather.

Another cold and dreary day.
Another cold and dreary day.

You will be warm out there if you dress warm, and doing so doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money. In fact, you might not have to spend anything at all. Just dig into your drawers and pull out those unused leggings for use as a layer beneath your pants.

Of course, for more aggressive sports like cross country skiing, you want to be careful about the fabric. Cotton stays wet with perspiration and thus will chill you instead. Synthetics that don’t fit as tight as leggings are recommended for serious warmth during outdoor activities, because they wick moisture and let your skin breathe. Some of these hi-tech fabrics go for $80 per undergarment. But you don’t need such an investment just to take a walk. In fact, you might already have just what you need.

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