With a chorus of a thousand tiny drops, the woods began to release its rainy sadness. After a week of dreariness, my mood lifted as the humidity levels dropped 10% during my walk. The landscape was drying, thanks to the brief moments when the heavy clouds would part to let in a few rays of sunshine.

A dripping bud
A dripping bud

There is happiness in following the light. With the winter solstice arriving next week, I must be ready to absorb it when it comes. We are alive on this earth because of the sun. Our bodies need to be touched by its light regularly in order to produce Vitamin D. Our minds need to see that the sun is still hanging around, that everything will be okay.

Make it a point to stay tuned to the conditions outside. When the sun shines, take a break and get out there. Put your face to the light and absorb the happy rays. Tuck them away in your heart to build up your reserves so you can remain happy, no matter what the winter weather brings.

Do you feel happier when the sun shines?

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