Much is wrong in the world today. From every angle comes bad news, bad ideas, and bad people. My daily visit to Nature helps me gain perspective. I walk with focused intention in a place where things are neither right nor wrong. They just ARE.

For instance, on Friday from the sky fell snow pellets. Today, precipitation landed to be ice.

Rain + 32 degrees
Rain + 32 degrees

Both the same (water from the clouds). Both transformed by direct association to something else (temperature). From my window, I could not see the distinction as either fell. But outside, immersed, all my senses were used to understand. Why does it matter? How does it relate?

From inside a controlled environment, judgments made don’t have the benefit of exposure to the truth beyond. Outside, with no glass shield in the way, I get to “know” because I live it, touch it, smell it, and feel it. And there is no more reliable source than personal experience.

Where do you go to understand reality?

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