The Power of Routine

It’s been said that humans are creatures of habit. It’s true that, if I want be consistent about making something happen, I must integrate the task into my routine.

Walking the road again today.
Walking the road again today.

It took me a few weeks to get used to the idea of walking EVERY weekday morning. I had to adjust my start time based on breakfast and work commitments. I began to schedule client meetings and other tasks around my walk. I’m still smoothing out the kinks, but as I do, I settle more and more into a daily practice. Thus it gets easier all the time. I know what to grab on my way out the door (coat, hat, camera). I know what to eat for the most energy. I’ve learned how much time is required to walk, write, and post. Most of all, something that was once a bit of chore has simply become a thing I do. And if I didn’t do it one morning, my entire day would be off kilter … like putting on my pants.

Is there something you’d like to start doing regularly?

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