Winter Robins

The predicted snowstorm missed us, leaving only a coating of snow before heading to New England. Still, it was blustery and cold outside.

Amid the blowing cedar branches I saw a rambunctious flock of birds. Feeding on berries high in the snow-dusted trees, they marked a difference that comes in winter.

Robin Photo (via Warren Jacobs on Facebook)
Photo of a robin in March, found via Lehigh Valley Audubon Society’s Facebook page, taken by Warren Jacobs.

It was once common to announce, “spring is here,” upon the sighting of an American Robin. I wrote about flocks of robins migrating through my yard on my Back to Basics blog in the past. But many don’t migrate; they live here all year. What’s different in winter is that these ground feeders head for the trees, and unlike in spring, they flock together for survival.

Click here to learn more about the unfamiliar habits of the familiar bird.

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