In order to make the most of its brilliance, I waited until the sun was high in the sky before taking my walk today. Thus, I was rewarded with the most spectacular scene of all my walks since moving here more than a year ago.

Swamp Creek on a sunny, 25-degree day.
Swamp Creek on a sunny, 25-degree day.

My old camera and lacking photography skills could not capture the detail. Moreover, the sound was as remarkable as the image.

Paper-thin layers of ice.
Paper-thin layers of ice.

Liquid trickled between floating continents of ice, made up of paper-thin layers of crystalized water. Despite air temperatures below 25 degrees, the edges were melting off, and as the pieces cracked and fell away, they sounded like a small animal rustling through leaves.


Cold as it was, it took all I had to to pull myself away from the hypnotic scene and get back to work. It was magical. And no amount of troubles could survive it. As I walked away, I simply could not remember the worries I’d had when I arrived.

There is no greater medicine than a few moments immersed in nature’s beauty.

(More detail and photos can be seen by clicking here.)

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