Thinking of Seeds

There is no better time than during these endless, stuck-inside days of frozen, drab, seemingly lifeless landscapes, to think about planting.

Don’t get caught without a plan when the ground breaks open and asks for seeds. And if you care about natives, if you want to convert a too-big lawn into a pollinator-feeding and wildlife-sustaining meadow, if you’ve got an eroded or weed-strangled site that needs new life, consider Ernst Conservation Seeds.

Browsing the native plant sales or non-invasive sections of your local nursery can be fun because you get to see the size, color, texture, and display of the plants. But buying can be very expensive. What if you’ve got an acre or more to cover? A single plant, however healthy, growing here and there isn’t going to cut it. Plus, you’d be wasting time shopping at the exact time you should be planting.

There are many good resources online and at your local library for photographs and specifications on plant varieties. Start envisioning, selecting, and planning now so you have time to order before spring.

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