Friday Resource – Coffee

From now on, Friday will be resource day. I’ll still be walking, but this will be the day my posts focus on sharing knowledge about smart consumer choices as they relate to nature. Or I’ll offer resources for outdoor gear that I’d be willing to recommend … or simple ways I’ve found to connect to, and reduce my impact on, the natural world.

Today let’s talk about coffee.

Encouraged by a few, serious bird lovers at the Lehigh Valley Audubon Society (of which I am a member), I’ve taken an uncomfortable look at how that steaming liquid gets into my cup. The sight was so awful, I’ve resolved myself to either 1.) stop drinking coffee or 2.) buy only Bird Friendly certified beans.

To keep this post short, I’ll let you read the descriptions and listen to the presentations at the following links. This is not hype. This is reality, taking place far out of sight, and thus out of mind for the average American consumer.

We drink a lot of coffee. Life demands we start drinking responsibly. We CAN have our coffee and enjoy it without guilt, too. We just have to careful about who we buy it from.

An 9-minute primer on shade-grown coffee, complete with photos

How certification helps birds

Birds and Beans — Bird Friendly coffee supplier

Golden Valley Farms — Bird Friendly coffee supplier

A list of the most common certifications

Note: Be careful when comparing prices. Calculate the price per ounce. Today’s coffee is bagged at varying weights (10 oz., 12 oz., 16 oz., etc.).

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