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I take my purchases seriously. For one, I don’t have money to burn. Plus, I never want to fund the destruction of the environment. There are numerous reasons–environmental and economic–why I strive to buy American products. However, this task has gotten increasingly difficult, since so many manufacturers have relocated to other countries.

Thus, I promise to share American-made products when I find them, particularly large purchases or those that relate to enjoyment of the outdoors. My latest find: Broil King Grills.

They are made in North America, meaning that they have manufacturing plants in Canada and the USA.

Yes, nothing tastes better than a meal cooked over an open campfire, but for the day-to-day, gas grills are the next best thing.

Preparing to cook last year's Easter Dinner over a campfire.
Preparing to cook last year’s Easter Dinner over a campfire.

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