Deadbeat Landlord

Today I decided to meet a nature-related responsibility instead of a taking a nature-related walk. It was a priority task that I should have completed more than six months ago, and it could wait no longer. As the first few drops of the first warm, spring rain fell, I finally cleaned out seven nest boxes that came along with the purchase of our house.

Taken earlier in the year, one of seven nest boxes suitable for wrens
Taken earlier in the year, one of seven nest boxes suitable for wrens

I prefer to let nature provide habitat for nature. In that case, nature takes care of all maintenance. But these cute little houses were built with great care by the previous owner here. At age 95, his family moved him out. I never met him. I keep the boxes in place as a sign of respect, an appreciation for his talent, and an acceptance that I am still the immigrant here.

Because it is the responsibility of the human to maintain human-built habitat, I needed to clean out the boxes before nesting season began. As I was finishing, the sound of thunder rang in the distance — the first for the spring season. It was a gentle reminder that I — the landlord — had cut this one real close. The birds will be shopping for real estate very soon.

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