Resource Friday: Tick Killer

I remember, more than a decade ago, my reaction to learning about the effects of Lyme disease after it had hit my brother, an avid hiker. He’s okay now, but I still cannot seem to grasp the tragedy of this ailment. Sure, being in nature has always come with a fair measure of threats and dangers, but it remains inconceivable to me that my health could be stolen away by a crawling enemy, too small to see, because I indulged in the pleasure of strolling through a meadow, sitting on a log, wading through the puddles, or resting on a riverbank.

In the meantime, Lyme disease has become a crisis. Frankly, tick repellent has become a must-have item if you want to work or play in the outdoors during the warm seasons. But at what cost? With no desire to douse myself with DEET, I did some research and found Permethrin. It doesn’t just repel; it kills. Moreover, it doesn’t get applied to your skin. You treat your clothes with it.

The product is available from numerous companies. I buy Sawyer Products version. Permethrin is a synthetic chemical, so be sure to read and follow the label.

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  1. Even as snow patches linger around my yard, last night I removed a brown dog tick from my cat’s neck. At least that type of tick is big enough to easily find on yourself or your pets.

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