I Remember You

The first thing I heard when I stepped out the door was the “drink-your-tea” call of the Eastern Towhee.

You’re back, I thought. I forgot about YOU.

A feeling of song and warmth quickly unfolded in my mind. It never ceases to amaze me how I can forget what each season is truly like, until it begins to arrive. Leafless now, I could envision the lush greenery that would soon further hide the image of this hard-to-spot bird.

(Click here for Towhee images and information.)

The Towhee called from the exact same spot as last year. Was this the same one? Perhaps a baby home to celebrate its first birthday? Or just some random Towhee that had discovered the perfect Towhee nest site?

It really didn’t matter to me. I was just happy to hear the sound, a repeat surprise, like marveling at the same holiday gift received last year. I was also suddenly thirsty for a good cup of tea.

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