Another Reward

A busy day yesterday kept me from keeping my daily walk commitment. Determined, I set out today the moment the priority deadline had finally been met.

My reward? I got to see few more moments of spring. Illuminated by the bright sun, the wind came in gusts. It was as if nature was tired of waiting for evaporation. She picked up water from the creek in ripples that went sideways, then upstream, then sideways, and then downstream again.


Meanwhile, the carriers of pollen floated like descending parachute jumpers. Those that missed land collected in the water along the banks. Only the strongest gales would heft some all the way across the stream, sending the tiny pieces into the low bushes where I lost site of them.

Because I stood and watched for awhile, my best reward came: the sighting of a bird I’d never seen before. A migrating Palm Warbler was quietly bobbing through the bushes. Once back at the office, I opened the dusty pages of my Peterson Field Guide to Eastern Birds and discovered that I could positively check off another bird on the list, something I haven’t done for more than a year.

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