I’m Back

It’s been six months. Today’s Walk is finally back, better than before. You’ll notice that, while this blog looks the same, I’ve made some changes.

For one, I switched my host. That means those who receive email notifications of updates to this blog may find these notices suddently tagged as Spam. Add ruth@todayswalkoutside.com to your address book or whitelist the URL ‘todayswalkoutside.com’ if you can.

The second is that the content will change. Posts will be shortened to just one paragraph each. I’ll drop the explanations and leave my observations open to thought. You are encouraged to share your response to any via the comments.

Here is an example:

Waiting for the Storm

Thick clouds have been rolling in since yesterday morning. Now, everything feels as if it is waiting, waiting for the rain to plunge and the wind to shove. Soon.



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