City walking

The majority of my walks are taken in the quiet solitude of the woodlands or other country path. But that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a good walk in the city. It’s important to note that, because cities can host the human population in an efficient manner, they serve as one of our best tools for environmental conservation. Plus, they can be vibrant and fun, like this late-winter trip my husband and I took to the city of Philadelphia. Since we used Septa’s Regional Rail to get there, we did a LOT of walking, and thus our feet delivered a perspective that no other mode of transportation can.

Walking the Benjamin Franklin Parkway.
Walking Rittenhouse Square.
Walking the steps of the Franklin Institute.
Stopping for the kind of indulgence that walking allows.
Walking around the market.
Walking through the park.
Walking past art.
Walking through history.
Walking atop the hotel.
Walking past others who were walking for climate science.
Walking to the train station to catch our ride home.

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