Spring Fever

    I sense that life is ready to begin to moving again.

    Soon, I will hear the birds call.

    Soon, I will feel warmth.

    Soon: longer days, extended sunlight.

    Soon, I will know emergence.

    Soon, I will smell the snowmelt in the breeze, and in the morning, dew.

    Soon: mating.

    Soon: germination.

    Soon: nesting.

    Soon: hatching.

    Then I will taste asparagus, lettuce, and peas.

    Soon, quickly, Spring will be here.

    “Live in the now,” the Buddha says.

    “Be joyful,” he urges.

    Oh, but I am, dear Buddha.

    The joy of late winter is upon me,

    gripping me,

    reminding me,

    telling me that Spring rumbles silently under my feet.

    Now.    Here.    Happy.


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