Afternoon Sunsets

Like many people I know, I struggle with a nagging sense of sadness during these the darkest days of the year. It’s minor … virtually undetectable really. It does not keep me from enjoying the blessings or performing the chores of daily life. But it’s there just the same.

My mind drifts toward worry more easily. I accept social invitations with hesitation, especially after dark. And I huddle near the heater even though I would warm up more quickly by taking a brisk walk.

Meanwhile, admittedly, I like the coziness. My patience for tedious, quiet, indoor work increases. And I remind myself the dark condition is temporary, that the cause has definition. On one hand I certainly cannot control it; on the other it assuredly will soon change. In fact, we are nearly through its thickest muck. For the next five days, the sun will set at its earliest minute: 4:35. Then, on December 11, it will wait until 4.36. (I’ll ignore the later sunrise.) On December 16: 4:37. These tiny incremental footholds will entice me on (“You can do it!”) towards December 21, one of my favorite days of the year, the time when we turn back toward the sun.

Want a smile? Check out this link to see a historically ingenious remedy for the winter blues: Advertisement from 1936


  1. Dark times bring new beginnings and new light. I am looking forward to Dec, 21st! Nice post Ruth. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Oh, if I only liked Beer! . You hit the nail on the head again, Ruth. Warm, sunny weather can’t come soon enough for me. Hallmark Movies help…LOL!

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