Where did the snow go?

The header image on the home page of this blog, which switches to a snowy scene from late December until late March, has in no way applied to the winter of 2019-2020. Some believe we’re going to get walloped soon, which has happened in March or early April before. Others are writing about the consequences of a winter that never stayed cold and dropped fewer than four inches of white stuff all season.

Whether you believe a storm may still come or you’ve already counted the winners and losers, you cannot deny this just doesn’t feel right. For what reason did I store the patio furniture away? Why did I bother bringing the snow shovels down from the loft? And if you and I are uncertain, imagine how all the species that rely upon seasonal changes to trigger seasonal actions must feel?

On one hand, I am happy that our waterways have gotten a reprieve from their annual injection of road salt. And I am excited that the daffodils have pushed up to promise the color of spring. But I’m also in the camp that is still hoping for at least one good storm. Because without it, I’m doomed to remain in a admitable state of confusion.

Ice Fishing Closed


  1. As one who looks forward to the winter season, loves to ice fish (what a sad picture you posted!) and loves to walk my Chocolate Lab in the snowy terrain of Antietam Lake Trails, watching his enjoyment as he does his “Snow Bathing”, sliding around and rolling in the snow… I truly miss the cold and the snow this year.
    The diminished light of the season is hard enough on my disposition and then deprive me of the good things winter brings… The Snow Gods must me angry at how we mistreat this planet!

    1. I haven’t yet gotten to the point where I can say I “look forward” to the winter season, I can say that, after starting my intention to walk outside in all kinds of weather (the catalyst for this blog), I honestly have come to appreciate, as you write, the good things that winter brings. Thanks for adding to the conversation!

  2. You are an “old soul”, Ruth. You pick up on everyone’s confusion about the weather and give us much food for thought. I’m with you “old soul”…we need a GOOD 3 footer. Thanks for always brightening my day. Catch up soon

    1. Knowing you often travel to Vermont, Janet, I am wondering if you’ve gotten to see any snow up north. If we do get that 3 footer, you can bet I’ll be thinking of you!

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