Spring Still Arrived

Today I awoke to find the sun rising as usual. The robin’s early song was the loudest heard … as usual. An overnight rain had tainted the air with the scent of damp earth … as it usually does. Puddles obediently reflected the scene in the sky in which clouds rolled away and trees swayed slowly in the wind. A cup of coffee warmed my hand as I sipped, just like it did yesterday.

Tomorrow, even though the songs, temperature, winds, cloud cover, humidity, and bitterness level of the caffeinated brew may differ, I can be assured that the cycle will persist. The day will start after the sun returns from the night. The consistencies will bring comfort and certainty, while the differences will add interest, curiosity, and vitality.

Spring came yesterday, whether our chaotic humanity noticed or not. And I humbly celebrated. Its steadfast arrival is one of a million tiny actions and events that are immune to my troubles, reminding me that the natural world will proceed with living … the only way it knows how.

A puddle's reflection

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