The Opposite of Bad

To every thing there is an opposite. You can’t go up without a down. Every front has a back. And without light, there would be no dark. In that vein, I have always held fast to the notion that for every bad there is a good.

No doubt this idea is being tested. Current events seem impossibly horrible. Anger, fear, destruction, fighting, and sickness fills every new headline. It’s become so relentless that it can capture and hold a person’s full attention, all day long. It’s all we talk about. It’s all we think about. But it’s not all that is.

Out there, somewhere, babies are being born to grateful and loving parents. Volunteers are handing food to the hungry unemployed. Strangers are standing up for strangers. Courageous individuals are stepping into civil service to overcome corruption and improve lives.

Bad has not taken over; it’s just gotten too loud. Thus, we must listen intently for good. It lies in the quiet, such as in the deep woods or early morning light. Shift your focus to that which is calm, pleasing, safe, creative, and well. Notice. Talk about it. In doing so we will change the narrative. We will bring goodness out of the shadow and into the sun.

looking up into the trees


  1. Ruth, I love this line and it says it all… “Bad has not taken over; it’s just gotten too loud”.
    Sometimes I feel that the world is screaming the bad to me with overwhelming sadness and I can’t hear the good anymore. Thanks for refocusing my attention to the good that still exists along with the loud mouth bad!

  2. Ruth…such a joy to read your Posts. You have a beautiful skill that always provokes my thinking. Thank you so much for guiding my perspective.

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